What is a Progressive Web App?

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Introduction about “Progressive Web App”

“Progressive Web App” is an umbrella term used to describe web experiences so advanced that they compete with the well known apps from the app stores. Progressive Web App will bring the features we expect from app-store apps to the mobile browser. On the whole, the term “Progressive Web App” describes a collection of technologies, design concepts, and Web APIs that work in tandem to provide an app-like experience on the mobile web.


Full offline support, install-ability, “Retina”, full-bleed imagery, fast, smooth in-app browsing, push notifications and a great user interface. Sound the the description of an app from the app-store, right? Well, all of these features can be provided by one single Progressive Web App.

“Progressive Web Applications are experiences that combine the best of the Web and native applications. They do not require installation. The user builds gradually a relationship with the application over time, it becomes increasingly more and more powerful. Load faster and send relevant notifications. Provide icons on the Home screen and immerse you in Full Screen mode.” (Google, 2015)

This way, in most use cases, you are good to go with developing a Progressive Web App instead of developing an native app. You get the features you want, and save a lot of money in development costs. Lees verder